Delicious Coming Soon – August 1, 2019

Who are we?

We are a team of entrepeneurs, 5-star hotel chefs, tech & logistic experts and foodies aiming to provide you the best quality lunchbox & buffet style meals in Nigeria.

Chef IHEANYI is on a mission to build a home and office food delivery services business that will meet the needs of all our customers and potential customers in the regions / cities where we have our delivery network, we also empower the discovery of great healthy food, champion food diversity for delicious takeaway meal on demand. 

We go the extra mile to check our kitchen hygiene score with the Food Safety Standards Agency (FSA).When it comes to hygiene and proper packaging, we have put plans, process and structures in place that will ensure that we are always at the top of game when it comes to that.  

Our smart filters allow you to make an informed choice from a broad cuisine range tailored to your specific dietary needs

Food choice

At Chef IHEANYI we like to keep things simple, our platform lets you order in a few simple step and have great food to your doorstep! Every order earns you cash loyalty reward points that can be used to make tasty savings on your next takeaway meal!

Customer service

Hungry customers can be angry customers. This means every second spent waiting for support results in unhappiness, and that speed of response is a huge priority for Chef IHEANYI support team. 

We understand that not everything can be done online and sometime you just want to talk to a human being and not a computer screen or voice automation – and guess what?! We have a human being at the end of the line to help you!

Tel: 0803 816 4360 or Email: eat@chefiheanyi.com.ng 

*To ensure quality control, all our calls are usually recorded and monitored. Recordings may be subsequently used for training, compliance or legal disputes.